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Gregoria de Jesus

Biography of Gregoria de Jesus

Picture of Gregoria de Jesus
Gregoria de Jesus

Gregoria was born in Kaloocan on May 15, 1875. Her parents were Jesus de Jesus who was a carpenter and served as gobernadorsillo while her mother was Baltazara Alvarez Francisco.

She married Andres Bonifacio in a Roman Catholic rites at the Binondo Church in 1894 and in another set of rites in the Katipunan in July 1893, the same time when the women’s chapter of the Katipunan was formed. Together with Marina Dizon, Josefa Rizal, Angelica Lopez, Delfina Herbosa and Benita Rodriguez, they were initiated as Katipunan members. She adopted the name Lakambini.

Gregoria and Andres had one child but the child died of small pox and their house in Sta. Cruz was burned. She was designated the keeper of records and the seal of the Katipunan. To escape capture, she often crossed provinces on foot. After Bonifacio’s untimely death, she lived in the mountains of Pasig where she met Julio Nakpil. They were later wed in Quiapo Church in Manila.

They lived in the Quiapo house of Dr. Ariston Bautista, a friend of Filipino propagandists in Spain.

Gregoria died on March 15, 1943.

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