Saturday, July 11, 2009

Larong Pinoy- Tumbang Preso

This game is played outdoors with a minimum of three players. The "it" can be decided by any method the players can agree upon. The 'it' is the player who guards the can in a base and prevents other players to knock the can down. While the can is standing, the "it' can chase and tag any player. When the layer is tagged while the can is upright, he becomes the new "it".

will defend the can from being knocked down. While the can is upright, the “it” can chase anyone and tag him or her. When a player is tagged and the can is still upright, the player tagged becomes the new “it.”

The players must see to it that the can is always knocked down. The “it” puts it back in the upright position to be able to chase the players. The payers either use their slippers or stones to knock the can down. Slippers are also guarded by the "it" so the players can no longer use them. When the players run out of slippers or other weapons, the "it" can chase the players before someone kicks the can down.

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