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Vice Presidents of the Philippines and their Cabinet Positions

What were the positions of the Vice Presidents from the First Republic of the Philippines to Year 2010.

1. Emilio Aguinaldo - First President of the Republic of the Philippines   (1899-1901)

Vice-President: Mariano C. Trias-he was appointed Minister of Finance.

2. Manuel Luis Quezon- second President  (President of the  Commonwealth of the Philippines (1935-1944)
Vice-President Sergio Osmena Sr.

3. Sergio Osmena Sr. –third president –President of the government in exile in the United States –first vice-president to become president by assuming office. (1944-1946)

In the Philippines, a puppet government was installed by the Japanese Army. <

4. Jose P. Laurel –Fourth president  -President During Japanese Occupation (1943-1945)
Vice-President- Benigno Aquino Sr. and Ramon Avancena

5. Manuel A. Roxas –Fifth President - Last President of the Commonwealth and the first president of the independent Philippines
Vice-president  Elpidio Quirino- He was appointed Secretary of State

6. Elpidio Quirino –Sixth president  Assumed office upon death of Roxas and was reelected (1948-1953)-

Vice-President Fernando Lopez - He was appointed Secretary of Agriculture

7. Ramon Magsaysay- 1953-1957 seventh  President of the Philippines
The third president to die in office. (MLQ, Manuel Roxas)
Vice-President Carlos P. Garcia-He was appointed Secretary of Foreign Affairs

The third  vice-president to assume office upon death of the President.

8. Carlos P. Garcia eight president of the Philippines- 1957-1961
Vice-President: Diosdado Macapagal

Macapagal was  the first Vice-President who was not given a position in the cabinet simply because he did no belong to the Nacionalista party.  (politics talaga)

9. Diosdado Macapagal (1961-1965)  the ninth President of the Philippines
  Vice-President: Emmanuel N. Pelaez -He was 

 appointed as Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Ferdinand Marcos (195-1972) the tenth  President of the Philippines
Vice-President- Fernando Lopez

Lopez was appointed Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources

10. Ferdinand Marcos – 1972-1985- the tenth president - President during martial Law days
The position of vice-President was scrapped, instead a Prime Minister (Cesar E. Virata was installed.

Ferdinand Marcos was reelected in the snap election with Arturo Tolentino as Vice-President. They were ousted by the revolution.

11. Corazon Cojuangco Aquino- the eleventh president of the Philippines

Vice-president Salvador Laurel

He was appointed Prime minister and Foreign Affairs Minister. He held it only for a few months.

12. Fidel Ramos – 1992-1998 the twelfth President of the Philippines
Vice-president Joseph Esrada

Estrada was appointed as chairman of President Ramos' Presidential Anti-Crime Commission (PACC)

13. Joseph Esrada – the thirteenth president of the Philippines 1998-2001
He was deposed by the People Power 2.
He was the second vice-president to become President due to election.
He was among the presidents who did not finish their terms. His VP was

Vice-President Gloria Macapagal

She was appointed as Secretary of Social welfare.

She assumed office when Estrada was ousted by the People Power.
14.Gloria Macapagal the 14h President of the Philippines 2001-2010
Vice –president : Teofisto Guingona (appointed)

He was appointed secretary of Foreign Affairs

Vice President Noli de Castro

He was appointed  secretary of Housing and Urban Development

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