Saturday, August 30, 2008

UDOL-Folk Dance from Mindanao

UDOL Dance


Udol Dance


This dance is classified under Tribal dances. It originated from the Tagakaulo tribe
of southern Davao.
This is a ceremonial dance which portrays death and revenge. It opens with three women walking in with votive candles, mourning the loss of a relative. They are followed by men playing the udol, a long wooden musical instrument. The woman make eloquent gestures of tenderness and despair such as wielding a spear and pounding the udol in anger, countering the steady rhythms of the musicians. A male priest then dances, begging the spirits to guide the soul of the deceased. Finally, two warriors enter, spears in hand, performing a frenzied dance in a circle, then disappearing off stage "to the woods," apparently to secure the heads of their enemies.

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