Saturday, April 26, 2008


Magayon Festival

The Magayon Festival, though technically a festival for the whole province, is celebrated primarily in Legazpi City. The Magayon Festival derived its name from the word ‘magayon’ which translates to beautiful from Bicolano, the dominant language in the province of Albay and the adjacent regions. The festival was first enacted by the Albay’s governor and celebrated in 1998 to stimulate tourism in the province. It is basically a celebration of the province’s Catholic tradition and its unique traditional way of living thereby giving the festival a very local color which is perfect for those tourists who wants to experience Albay’s culture and heritage.

Aside from the usual Filipino way of celebrating festivals such as street dancing and communal feasting, the Magayon Festival also holds some attractions that feature and emphasizes Bicolano culture. One of such events is the regional cooking competition that aims to highlight the region’s unique culinary tradition. The contest focuses on the preparation of delicacies that are made using ingredients indigenous to Bicolano cuisine such as coconut and chili. The festivities of the Magayon Festival also include a marathon and an eco-camp, both of which are events aimed at fostering consciousness for the province’s environment, which is very much appropriate given Albay’s natural treasures such as the Mayon Volcano.

This festival is celebrated in the month of April.

source:Magayon Festival
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