Monday, November 5, 2007

Palu-Palo Dance from Batanes

One is from Ivatan, Batanes

Palu-palo, is a war dance that shows how the community joins forces as one to defend themselves. It is a dance showing how the Ivatans defended themselves against the Christian intruders and how they learned to accept Christianity and live a virtuous life. The dance was a simple one performed by men who wore simple flesh-colored garments. The tapping of wooden sticks as background music to the dance produced an echoing sound as the Ivatans reenacted their battle with the Christian invaders.

The steps are just like sakuting and other stick dances like in this video.



azhmere said...

thanx for this video kasi nakatulong sya for our assignment and thanks din dahil dito kami nakakuha ng idea for our presentation....

jyra said...

yeah! this dance is so amazing..

i joined those ivatans(particularly from sabtang) when they performed it last May 13,2009.. Feast os Our LAdy of FAtima..

so tiring.. but.. ughh.. I enjoyed it..

--proud to IVATAN.. :D:D:D